The Italian wine tradition is very ancient and has been the protagonist of much of human history, from prehistoric times to the present day, passing through the flourishing Roman era. It is no coincidence that Italy was also known as "Enotrie tellus", or "Land of wine".

IWI llc distributes some of the best Italian wines within the Illinois territory.



Wine storage

Keep the bottle horizontally in a place with a little humidity and little light


A few hours before drinking (1-2 hours), open the bottle to allow the wine to oxigenate

Serving temperature

Prosecco: 43/47° F
Rosè wine: 47/50° F
White wine: 47/50° F
Red wine: 57/65°F

Food pairing

Prosecco: desserts, vegetables, fish, cheeses
Rosè wine: appetizer, pasta, rice, meat, fish, cheeses, desserts
White wine: fish, vegetables, white meat, fresh cheeses
Red wine: meat, cured meats, aged cheeses


IWI llc - Wine Distributor


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